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Password Prompt does not trigger "problem mail"

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Some of our backups write to a hard drive on a remote Windows computer. A password to access the share was set at the time of setup and it generally works well. However, if (say) that remote computer is rebooted while backups are running, at some point Retrospect seems to think that it needs to ask for the username and password again to access the drive. That would be alright except that when it does this it does not send any 'waiting for media' (or better "Waiting for Remote Drive Password"..) type of warning mails.


I come in and look at the retrospect machine, there are several prompts looking for the login info (regarding a box that may have been rebooted days ago), the other backups for those clients have not run because the 'client' is tied up waiting for the job that's waiting for the password. If all of my available simultaneous sessions are in use, no backups will have run at all... and I will have days and days (or at least a weekend's worth) of jobs queued and no backups.


I don't think that anything should be able to happen inside of the Retrospect software that causes backups to stop and no mail about that event be sent... anyone know of a work-around or upgrade for this (maybe this is a feature request)?



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