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Keep Retrospect Configs in database

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I would like to see Retrospect keep its data (config data, clients, backup scripts, backup sets, etc) in a built-in Microsoft SQL database. This would be much more robust than keeping all this config data in a single file as Retrospect does now, which offers a single point of failure.


To accommodate backup of this internal database, every copy of Retrospect could include a limited Microsoft SQL Server add-on that could only back up the Retrospect database (users would still need to purchase the real MS SQL add-on to back up other SQL databases).

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I have retrospect itself back up its own Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect folder nightly, so at worst case I only lose one day's worth of configuration changes.


But I agree that that information should be easier to parse, read, re-create, copy, etc. I'm just not sure an MS SQL database is the best answer.

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