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Better way of adding backup sets to scripts

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Don't get me wrong on this...I do like Retrospect's script --> backup set philosophy. However, when one has over 50 backup scripts tied to multiple backup sets, things get a bit tedious when adding backup sets to scripts (I've personally had over 40 script windows open at one time).


I would like to see a more organized way of doing this; maybe a drag and drop split screen, perhaps?

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Funny...we had a heating and a/c tech ask us why we were using our air conditioners so much to keep our data centers cool. Sigh.


We have several areas that require backups daily, every 12 hours, every hour, and every two hours based on each department's needs. We then have to bump those backups to tape. We then have to groom many of those backup sets. We have multiple weeks of backup tapes that span months.


We're complex people :-)

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I used to have a setup like that and I just made everything go to the LCM. If I were you, if you have some daily, some 12 hours, and some hourly, then I would just make them all hourly and wash my hands. :) How many backup servers do you have? Maybe it's time to VM and distribute your junk between multiple actual instances of retrospect...

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