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Retrospect erroneously needs media

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This was happening to us all day yesterday and now it's happening to us again.


We have an external hard drive ("Backup Drive A") which is the only member of the media set "Media Set A". This drive has something like 350 GB available on it, and Retrospect is currently trying to backup a mere 7 GB of data. It looks like it copied about 3 GB so far, but then Retrospect paused itself with a blinking question mark on the currently running row in the activities panel.


Retrospect erroneously says "Needs media" with a "Choose Media..." button.


There should be NO REASON for this to come up... we have 350 GB available on this drive, and it's only trying to copy 7 GB of data.


When we click on the "Choose Media..." button, it asks us to select a folder "2-Media Set A". We create a new folder called "2-Media Set A" using Retrospect's dialog box. Then, we choose the folder we just created and click on the "Add" button... and then Retrospect continues along!


But there's no reason at all for it to be doing this!


Help, please? Thank you.

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