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Unclear what you mean.

You have Retrospect running a backup and you want to log off? That stops the Retrospect server on both Mac and Windows.


Is this the Retrospect server or is it a client?


Is this a scheduled backup? Then Retrospect server will launch when the backup starts.




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We have two Retro apps, one for our Windows servers and one for Macs and two tape drives (that's the way I like it!).

On our windows server, Retro can log itself in to run scheduled backups using a user login designated in the preferences but on the Mac I want Retro to do the same. I have to leave my Mac logged in for Retro to run and because of security issues I would prefer to logoff from the Mac.

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Retrospect should automatically launch and run a scheduled backup if the Mac is left at the login window. If it does not, your retrorunfile may be corrupt.


With Retrospect not running, go to /Library/Preferences/Retrospect and drag retrorunfile to the trash. Then launch and quit Retrospect, which will force the creation of a fresh copy of retrorunfile.

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I have to leave my Mac logged in for Retro to run
No you don't.


As twickland pointed out, Retrospect can run behind the OS X loginwindow, before any user has logged into the Finder.


If the program is already running, however, you can't log out without quitting (os x requires all user space GUI programs to quit to achieve logout). So this only works for upcoming Scheduled operations.

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We have never (well, except during testing) had anyone logged in to our headless Xserve while Retrospect is running its scheduled backups. Works fine (except when the retrorun file gets corrupted, which happens about once a month or so, preventing autolaunch - twickland provided the rubber chicken dance to get it going again).



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