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URGENT HELP plase -tape accidentally ejected

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We had backed up 740GB out of 780GB when I accidentally pushed the EJECT button of our Quantum LTO-4 external SAS drive.


Restrospect is asking for a NEW tape.


It didn't resume as the tape was re-inserted.

It says the tape has already a backup in it so it can't be used.


What can i do??


Is that a normal behaviour? I mean it shouldn't just eject like this easy if it can't resume...


Running Retrospect 6.1.230 on OSX 10.5.6


Any help is appreciated, i'll wit a while before quitting the process and throwing the tape to the trash... Thanks!

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Thanks for such a fast response.


In order to keep within time and budget I am trying to Repair (rebuild) the catalog from the tape.

I assume I'll positively know what was backed up propperly so i car erase it from my HD.

In ther words:

Am I wrong if i assume that what appears as recorded on the tape is backed up right? There seems to be no verification going on during this rebuilding, so some data *might* be recorded wrong...


Is there any verification I can make comparing to the files in my Hard Drive?


Thanks so much again,



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I didn't even know there was a tape format not re-writable, Lennart...


It sounds ackward to me, to be true.

The tape I'm using is the one Quantum attachs with the unit though. Put the blame on Quantum then.


I guess the price difference (no idea how much it is) must be the reason, since I guess the tapes we ordered are WORM too. I agree they are crap since a backup CAN go wrong.


Shall I throw the tape away or what?



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By the way, the LTO4 is brand new, it was our first backup with it (we were using DLT):

The vendor told us the tapes are not Re-Writable, so I guess if it didn't work I'll have to just throw them away...

NO! This is new information (WORM tapes) that you should have provided in your initial post.


Retrospect is doing the right thing. Just use another tape as Retrospect is requesting, and the second tape will be made a second member to that backup set.


It is possible, depending on the error that you caused, that Retrospect will allow you to append to this tape after the catalog has been rebuilt from the media. If not, then just add a second member to the backup set so that new data can be appended to that second member. Or, depending on your wishes, you could just start a new backup set on a new tape.


WORM tapes will not permit a recycle or erase.


I have never understood the reason to buy WORM tapes at all.

Some institutions must operate under rules that do not permit overwriting of backup data for legal reasons.




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Aparently WORM tapes are half the price!!!


Rebuilding gave back just 247GB out of the 740 I had already backed up...


I thought someone accidentally pushing the Eject button was the reason but I'm not so sure about it anymore, it's not so easy...


The thing is I'll just throw the tape away and wait for more tapes to come and see if it works better. From scratch.


By the way it was giving a speed of 745Mb/min, which is ridiculously slow compared to what the specs were saying... Ard. 24h for backup+verification/tape...


Thanks rhwalker and Lennart!

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Thanks for the explanation Russ.


Does this mean the backup is less reliable?


Can I backup different sessions on a WORM tape or I have to fulfill it at once?





I would expect that you can backup different sessions, just not overwrite (recycle). You would have to look at the specs for the particular tape, see how many passes it is rated for. Assuming no "backhitching", count two passes for each backup session (write, then verify). Some tapes are better than others. Myself, I've never used WORM tapes, but we never re-use tapes - archive them away when they fill up.


Note, though, that the area near BOT gets more passes because the tape header gets read on insertion, then rewound, which causes more wear at BOT.



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