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error 519 (network communication failed)

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I am currently using a XServeG5 to back up a MacPro. Both are running OSX5.2 Server. The XServeG5 is running Restrospect Server v. 6.1.138. The MacPro is running Retrospect Client v. 6.1.130.


I had no problems up until a week ago, when all back-ups from the MacPro stopped. I am still backing up several other clients without a problem, but I can't seem to get MacPro's backup process running again.


I am still able to connect the two machines via AFP. I am also still able to "configure..." the client from the XServeBlade. Through retrospect I can navigate through the sub-volumes of the MacPro, but as soon as I run a backup script it fails with a 519 error code.


I have read through the forum, and tried many different things to no success. I have tried different network connections, I have tried turning off my firewall, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client software, none of which has solved this problem.


Any ideas where I am going wrong?

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as soon as I run a backup script it fails with a 519 error code.

When exactly does the failure occur? As soon as Retrospect starts scanning the source volume, a ways into the scanning, or when the actual backup begins?


What happens if you try to run an Immediate backup? Do you still get the 519 error?


Does anything obvious happen on the client computer when the 519 error occurs? If not, what status do you see when you open the Retrospect Client application?

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I am having exactly this problem, I can administer the client just dandy but when running the script the backup fails with a 519


In answer to Twickland's questions:


1) As soon as Retrospect starts scanning


2) 519 even if one attempts an immediate backup


3) Whilst tring to scan status of the client is something like 'In use by "root" for scanning' after the 519 failure status is ready.


Can backup all other Macs on network just fine.

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