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Restore from Non Recordable Drive

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Anyone know if it is possible to restore from a non-recordable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.




My DVD-ROM is 40X for CDs and my CD-R is only 8X read. It would make for faster backups if this was possible.





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Why You Can't Restore From a CD-ROM:




Because industry standards to format packet CDs for use in standard CD-ROM readers were in a state of flux, Retrospect requires that you use your CD-R/W drive for all backup and *restore* operations. Backup CDs created by Retrospect are accessed only through the application and do not mount on the desktop. Basically, the backup discs aren't finalized to be HFS, ISO9660, or UDF mountable formats so can never be read in a CD-ROM drive which requires one of these formats to mount a disc.




Background For The Advent Of CD-R/W For Backups


CD-R creation previously required users to create an exact image of the CD on a hard disk, and then transfer the data from the hard disk to the CD in a single operation. If there was any interruption of data flow while writing to a CD, such as a screen saver launching or new e-mail arriving, the CD would fail to master properly resulting in the loss of the entire CD. This made CD-R unusable for backup.




Dantz has overcome this challenge by utilizing "packet writing" technology as specified by the Orange Book, a CD-ROM standards document. Packet writing allows incremental writing of files, making CD-R technology appropriate for backup. And, for the first time, users can reliably back up to a CD with data gathered from across a network using Retrospect Client software®.

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