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  1. Hi! I was having difficulty posting to the board ... I think I'm back now.. I am at the latest Max OS and Retrospect Version and Driver update. I also have updated the firmware for the Plextor-PX716UF to the latest and greatest. Here is a question for you..... when I attempt the Custom Configure routine on the Plextor, the drive spins up, I get the "testing write method" screen, the drive then spins down after about 30 seconds. In a minute or two I get the Spinning Beachball and nothing after that. I remember that when I did this process to Configure a CDRW drive that there was a constant Back-and-Forth of inserting and RE-inserting the disc many times before the process was comlpete. How long should I wait before I know that the DVD drive just is "lost in space" and is never to return and ask for user interaction? I am comfortable with the idea that it will take a very long time, but at what point will I know that it just ain't happenin'? I certainly do not have to wait the whole 200 minutes to see activity, or do I ??? Thanks for all the help...... Pete D
  2. Hi! Thanks for the responses ... I have not been able to reply to any of the messages that have been posted here for about a month. Dantz was NO help, and I stumbled on a very obscure "cookies" page in the control panel for these forums, and after "expiring" those cookies, it looks like I'm back in business....... I HAVE been using the custom config panels in attempting to get Retrospect to recognize the Plextor 16x DVD drive. After the blank disc is inserted, one Packet is written, and then the spinning beachball appears and nothing happens after that, even after leaving the drive alone for 5 or 6 hours. In the past I have used the custom config process for a CDRW drive, and I know how tedious and protracted the exercise can be, this is just absurd and obviously is just not working for this drive. The next thing I'm going to try is to look at the driver files and see if mucking with them helps.... Pete
  3. The only firmware updates I see at the plextor site are for the windoze OS...... iTunes, Toast, and DVD Studio Pro seem to work just fine (DVDStudio Pro needed a "push" from PatcBurn, but it's working just fine now). I've tried the 16X Verbatim Disc that Plextor packaged with the drive, various 8X discs, Verbatim 4X and 2X discs, other 2X discs, as well as DVD-R and DVD-RW variants - and I've created about 14 to 18 coasters. Good thing I buy 'em cheap. Is there any ETA for full support from Dantz for the Plextor 16x External DVD drive ?(Dumb question, I know). I create many many Gigabytes of data that need to be backed up regularly, and the 2X Sony DVD drive works flawlessly - but the novelty of DVD backup has long worn off and I need speed....... Thanks for your help, Pete D.
  4. Hi again, I did the updates , in the order you specified, and I even went down to 2x media, both DVD-R media and Verbatim DVD+R media. I get the same response when I try to configure the drive. The drive spins up and blinks, the message says "checking writing method", the drive spins down, and the spinning beach ball and brain death occur immediately. I've waited as long as 7 minutes for the drive to spin back up to no avail. In the past, before your answers to my inquiries, I've walked away and come back hours later, just figuring that I might have been hasty in bailing out, but it makes no difference. Once the drive spins down, it never comes back. I had this problem with the Memorex True 8X drive before, but Memorex support said that they did not support that drive on the Mac. I was hoping that the Plextor would be different, since it is supported on the Mac by Plextor out of the box. I at least thought that I could do an ad-hoc configure, since the older Pextor drives are in the Dantz Supported drives database. B-(
  5. Retrospect 6.0.193..... Mac OS 10.3.7 The Plextor PX-716UF drive is connected via Firewire ... I tried this using DVD-R media.......
  6. I've got the new Plextor firewire and USB 16X external DVD drive and it's not on the compatibility list (yet) ... When I attempt the Configure routine, I'm asked for the fresh disc, the machine then says "checking writing method" and goes away to la-la land, never to return.......... What do I do now ???
  7. For the Sony dr510A internal DVD drive Dantz recommends DVD+R and DVD+RW media over CDR/RW or DVD-R/RW media. Is there a technical preference between DVD+R and DVD+RW ? As a rule, I don't re-use media, so the more inexpensive DVD+R would look like the way to go, but I'd like to know if there might be a technical reason I should go with DVD+RW instead........?
  8. OK .. bear with me here . ... I'm still trying to understand this.................. When I do my test (unlike a "normal" restore) .... I'm restoring the large (I am assumning contiguous) chunk of data that I just backed up. Yet my restoral speed is still around 1/3 of the backup speed. It's not any faster than a conventional random restoral of mixed files... If it's the "packets" that you mentioned that cause this, I still don't understand why the backup is so much faster .. since I'm assuming that the packets need to be created .. isn't there overhead for that too?
  9. What do I need to do to get the restore speed up to the backup speed ?????
  10. wellllllll....... is there an answer or a suggestion ???
  11. I'm using a Western Digital Internal 120GB IDE hard drive with a 4MB buffer and it's fast enough for flawless DV capture and streaming on a 500DP G4 Power Mac with gobs of RAM using system 9.2.2 This drive has 16GB of contiguous available space and I'm doing the test with a 600MB collection of data files of all sizes, although most of the files are 20MB or greater, with a whole bunch at all other sizes. I'm using Vebatim ValueLife 52x media. The Mitsumi drive extracts Audio at wicked impressive speeds to the same hard drive, so the hard drive IS capable of keeping up while it is writing data. What additional drive or system spec should I be looking at? Thanks, Pete D.
  12. I have now calibrated this mitsumi drive using the "Configure" preocedure successfuly. The backup speed is over 200 MB per minute, yet the restoral only shows 64 Mb per minute. The drive shows 52x as the write and read speed, so why is there a difference in the restoral speed ?
  13. It sounds like the release has the potential to make me a happy camper........ after eight years of loyal use of your product, I truly hope this upgrade makes the whole device-thang more palatible.
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