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Cannot configure for DVD-R drive

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I'm trying to get Retrospect to work in our printshop to back up customer files, but Retrospect does not recognize our device. If we try to configure the drive through "Configure - Devices - Device Status - Configure Device" it'll ask for media, read the media, and start trying writing.. which never ends, even when left working over night.


We're using:


Mac OS X v. 10.3.9

Retrospect v. 6.1.138

RDU v.

MCE 18x DVD -/+ R/RW Drive (we can burn through finder just fine)

Memorex 16x DVD+R media


We have to force quit Retrospect to get out of configuring the device. I've cleared "Library/Preferences/Retrospect" and disabled autorun/automounting in Mac OS X to make sure there's not a conflict. Still, nothing's working.


Has anyone managed to get a MCE DVD-RW working before?

If not, can anyone recommend an external DVD writer that would work in the above setup?

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Here's the database of supported devices:



I don't see your drive listed. You might also poke about in the RDU version history for supported devices - sometimes support is added and listed in the RDU release notes but not listed in the supported device database.

Here's the link to all of the RDUs and their release notes:




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As this is not an officially supported drive and you need to run through custom configuration, the drive still might not work.


However, RDU which was just released, fixes an issue where custom configuration may hang, and it also fixes an issue where DVD-R media may not work. So try again with the latest RDU (released 04/01/08).

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