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Trouble Reading Files, error -1010 (API request bad)

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I started getting some major amount of errors over the weekend this weekend. It will start copying someone's Exchange mailbox and I get the above error. (Trouble Reading Files, error -1010 (API request bad))


I searched the EMC Knowledgebase and it talks only about this being a drive backup problem. However, this error only happens on a handful of our users and I tried using another backup destination and that also failed (I used the local c drive).


Could it be that the backup source is bad? We did have two power outages last week which could have corrupted the drives but other than that i don't know. We had four good backups after the power outages so I wouldn't think that could be it.


The only other thing that happened is that I refreshed the listing of E-mails under the "Volumes" section to gather in the new employees that had started in the last week (I can't seem to get this to update automatically. Incidentally, it doesn't remove deleted accounts either.)


Any help on this would be great, anyone else getting this problem?

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