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Retrospect 6.1.126 can't access catalog after upgrade to Tiger

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Since I upgraded my Mac's OS from 10.2.8 to Tiger 10.4.8, Retrospect has not been able to execute an automated backup. I updated Retrospect to version 6.1.126. The error that I am getting is " Can't access catalog for backup set Clare_Week2, error -43 (file/folder not found) ".


My computer is an iMac G4 flat panel. Can anyone help me understand what is lacking here? Much Thanks!

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Thank you for your questions. I am backing-up to two LaCie Firewire external hard drives, one named Luke, one named Clare. The backup sets are called File Backup Sets by Retrospect. I have two scripts, Week1 and Week2. Each starts with a Recycle back-up and then backs up daily to one of the drives. The catalogs are stored on the respective Firewire drive with the back-up data.


How would I try your suggestion of moving and forgetting and then reading the catalog back into Retrospect? I'd appreciate having your description of this. I'm no tech novice but I must say that I have found Retrospect’s documentation to be dense and often inscrutable

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