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Cannot log in network client after OS reinstall

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Hi. I've upgraded my webserver by installing Tiger Server (10.4.8) on a different drive in the same computer. Now Retro (6.1.126) will not let me log that client ( into the backup server (OS 10.3.9). I've uninstalled and tossed the file that holds the password, typed the new password into the client, then go to the server, but it will not accept the new password, keeps giving Error 507 incorrect password. Have done this ten or more times, so I'm pretty darn sure it's not my typing.

Any ideas on this one? Something else need to be tossed?


Thanks for any hints on this one,


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I just had this problem with a Linux client. I discovered the solution pretty much by accident: the client's "computer name" was longer than 31 characters. I had to rename it to something 31 characters long or shorter.


So, after changing:

server1.ratherlongdomainname.com (32 characters)


s1.ratherlongdomainname.com (27 characters)

... it allowed me to register the client and configure it.


I don't know if this is the same problem you're having, but I decided I'd share my experience just in case.

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