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Retrospect will not run

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After I install Retrospect 6.0, I restart the machine as instructed and then try to start Retrospect and it crashes. I am running XServe G5 with 10.4.4. I don't get any messages or anything, it just won't start. I get the following excerpt from the crash log:


Host Name: MOXSVR1

Date/Time: 2006-01-31 11:54:24.040 -0600

OS Version: 10.4.4 (Build 8G32)

Report Version: 3


Command: Retrospect

Path: /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect

Parent: WindowServer [702]


Version: 6.0.193 (6.0)

Build Version: ???

Project Name: ???

Source Version: ???


PID: 791

Thread: 0


Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)

Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xd3a1b1c1


Thread 0 Crashed:

0 <<00000000>> 0xfffeff20 objc_msgSend_rtp + 32

1 Device_Access 0x0073054c StucRegister + 864 (stuc.c:1640)

2 Device_Access 0x0072ccfc StarBegin + 128 (star.c:441)

3 Retrospect 0x0069bd2c 0x405000 + 2714924


Any help would be appreciated.

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I had the same problem: installed Retrospect Express from the CD, downloaded and installed the latest driver update, and still, Retrospect crashes every time I try to start it. I have even gone so far as to uninstall everything I can find, reinstall it (meanwhile also reformatting the external drive and doing everything in the proper order) and I still can't get Retrospect to run. Any thoughts? Do I have a lemon copy of Retrospect? (PS I am running Tiger 10.4.4 and trying to use a Firewire Maxtor OneTouchII drive.)

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