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Retro 6.0 hangs, then crashes 2.5 G5 while auto config of CD/DVD

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Installed Retro 6 on my 2.5 G5. (OSX 10.3.5) When it attempts to configure the Superdrive it ask for a CD, recoginzes it, starts the config prosess, then hangs. Activity monitor shows Retrospect as (hung). Couple times I saw a different process "LaunchRetroHlper" instead of Retrospect, also hung. When I try a force quit it crashes the machine and also the inserted CD is no longer useable. (CD Not recognized). 6.0 driver update is installed. I'm getting tired of making coasters! Un-installed the original installation and reinstalled. Same results. Have deleted the rdi files that it created and tried again with no success. What next ?

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Finally got into support today ( 75 min wait ). Had me try doing the config with RW media. Didn't work. Then mentioned the installed Superdrive may not be supported yet. Check the driver list, nope not on it. I have installed a HLDT GWA-4082B. Any ideal how long it takes Dantz to update the driver when new machines ship from Apple? Any other 2.5 G5 owners that have been successful in getting the Supedrive configured?

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Just a little observation, Retrospects's config process takes a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time to do it's thing! I suggest you wait for at least 2hrs before returning to the computer again. If it's a DVD disk your wanting to use, it may take upwards of 3hrs, but no more than 3.5hrs to complete it's task.


So, be patient with it.

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