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Error -5000 (server: no privileges)

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So I have a share on a ReadyNas that's read/write across the board but as it's in Share mode I'm not the owner of the directory.


audrey:/Network/Servers/ Setst $ touch CREATED

audrey:/Network/Servers/ Sets $


just created a file


Why is it I get the above error when trying to save a backup set then?

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How Retrospect behaves in regards to mouted volumes is probably the most often discussed issue here on the Forum.


Have you done any searches here for the error you are getting?


Apple does not allow a volume mounted by one system user to be accessed by another. So if you mount the volume in the Finder, that volume belongs to the current Finder user. Since Retrospect runs as root (a different user ID), OS X does not allow Retrospect to access it.


How to proceed is documented in the ReadMe that ships with Retrospect.


Note also that Retrospect officially supports AFP volumes only (which some ReadyNas devices provide).

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> I also have a StartupItem that that I use to mount the AFP shares


What exactly have you put in /Library/StartupItems/ ?


AFAIK, OS X will only mount a file system to /Volumes/ for a logged in user. But a description of what you are doing would certainly be helpful information for Forum readers.


> so if I use the share mounted by that I should be good then?


Given that your original post described a situation that didn't work, I'd have to guess that no, it's not good.

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I found a script called MountAFPVolumes which essentially parses a flat text file and calls mount_afp with it's contents.


I have a readynas and I simply want to make available it's shares so that I can write to them.


The readynas is in Share and not User mode.


Trying to understand how all the permissioning works when mounting to it.

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So the read me isn't exactly clear.


Can you describe how you associate the volume to the script you script in order for Retrospect to mount the share when it's launched? I mean you don't want the volume defined as a Source in the script right? The backup volume is defined under my Local Desktop under volumes but I also store the script on this volume and I didn't see Retrospect mount the volume to make the script available.

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The first thing necessary in this discussion is to be sure to use the same terms that Retrospect uses when describing what you are doing.


Retrospect uses "Source" And "Destination" to define what you are backing up, and where you are backing it up to.


Source is your valuable data volume, while Destination is the Backup Set.


A Backup Set is not, in and of itself, the stored files. Instead, the Backup Set is both the Catalog File and the Member(s) of the Media where the files are copied (a File Backup Set is slightly different, where the data is stored within a single file that resides on any appropriate volume).


You don't store scripts anywhere. Scripts are simply pre-made onfigurations for making backups easier to perform and automate.


Although you have not stated it, it _sounds_ as if your Destination is a File Backup Set that is being stored on the remote AFP volume.


If this is so, then the section of the "Read Me-Retrospect.htm" file

"To Create a File Backup Set on a Mounted AFP (AppleShare) Volume"

would be what applies to you.


- Is this the section you read?


When those steps are followed, the remote AFP volume that contains the Backup Set will mount when Retrospect needs it, and will un-mount when Retrospect is finished with it.



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It's not clear what you are trying to do. I think part of the confusion may be that you are using the term "script" perhaps for a "shell script" (of unknown contents, of unknown origin) that you have in "Startup Items", when Retrospect uses the same term for its canned backup procedures.


Have you seen these two documents from the Retrospect Knowledgebase?

Auto-mounting a source volume in Mac OS X

Backing up to or from Mounted AppleShare volumes


Be aware that there are multiple versions of the AFP protocol - the older AFP protocols, which are implemented by some vendors, won't work.


If you are using shell scripts, well, you are on your own. Good luck.



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Solution: Omit files beginning with a period.




These permission fixes (running Retrospect as root) did not solve the problem for me. I was trying to backup Quickbooks Version 5 files from a Windows machine to an AFP server. I discovered that a couple of subdirectories had several files beginning with a "period". Especially in the "download" folder. I created a Retrospect Selector to omit files or folders beginning with a period and all is well. I don't think those files are essential for restoring a working Quickbooks system.

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