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Upgrading - whats the path?

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Hi All,




I need some assistance explaining the upgrade process to a customer.




If someone is running a previous version Retrospect (eg. MAC 4.3) Desktop, and wish to go to the latest version WORKGROUP, is it a possible upgrade path to purchase the Workgroup upgrade for Mac? Or is the customer stuck with purchasing the full copy of Workgroup?




Thanks, any help would be appreciated.




--edited-- to say




I know that this applied a while ago, and that the Workgroup upgrade could be used to come from a Desktop product, but is this stilll valid? Have the rules changed?

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You can absolutely upgrade from Desktop 4.3 to Workgroup 5.0 for less than you would pay for the full Workgroup product. These upgrades must be done by calling Customer Service at 888.777.5664; they'll be happy to help!




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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I updated from Retrospect 4.3 Desktop to Retrospect 5.0 Workgroup back at the end of May.




I called Dantz Customer Service and described what my requirements were, and they suggested that I could upgrade to Workgroup thru a reseller.




I bought Item # 333124 from MacConnection. This is described there as "Retrospect Workgroup Backup Upgrade to 5.0", Dantz Part No. MU95050. It is a special order, and took about 9 days to deliver.




Installation of the Upgrade was a no-brainer. It accepted my existing license code for upgrade validation.




I offer this information to suggest that it "should" still be possible to perform the 4.3 Desktop to 5.0 Workgroup Upgrade (since MacConnection still lists it as available). One difficulty I had was that the Dantz Part No. shown by MacConnection is different than that shown by Dantz in their own product pages. But somewhere on the Dantz site I later found an explaination of the different Part Numbers.





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