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    Retrospect sold to Roxio...

    Looks like you wandered off into the weeds. I was unable to figure out how that might have happened however. Russ suggested you join the "retro-talk" email list. So, following the link he gave, simply click on the second "click here" link found on that page (in the section labeled "Retro-Talk ListServer). You can also get to the Retro-talk sign-up from the first section of that same page. There are additional mailing lists there that may be of interest. Glenn
  2. ghoffman

    Filevault question

    I backup the FileVaulted home folder on my laptop. It is just a matter of backing up the content of the special diskimage volume that appears when FileVault is enabled for a home folder and you are logged in. You do have to add this volume to the configuration of things being backed up. I am doing this under Retrospect v6.1 and Mac OS X Leopard with the backup server on an iMac. I expect it to work equally well under Retrospect 8 and/or Snow Leopard. The FileVault diskimage appears like any other volume - as long as you are logged in. My recommendation is to just go ahead and try backing up a filevault. You might want to create a test account on the client machine, then enable FileVault on that account and try backing up the home folder.
  3. Two quick questions: In the logs of the Retrospect 6 backup and the Retrospect 8 backup: 1) How many files, and how many GB, did the log say were backed up in each initial backup? 2) How fast did the log say the backup was, in MB/min, for each initial backup? Comparing these results could provide a clue as to why your tape is more full when using Retrospect 8.
  4. I notice that on http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/updates/ the posting date for Retrospect Client for Macintosh 6.2.229 is 2006-05-04. Surely this is incorrect, given that this version was just announced. And while we are at it this page needs updating (says version is 6.1.138): http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/version/
  5. From your description, I suspect a large virtual memory usage, probably driven by the large number of files you are backing up. Mind you, I have never had this situation, and I find it hard to believe Retrospect would take anything like 129 GB of virtual memory. Look for the virtual memory swap files /var/vm/swapfile* to see how much space they are taking as Retrospect runs and after the "run out of space on startup drive" messages appear. Hope this helps. Glenn
  6. You may want to drop back to Mac OS X 10.2.x and run Retrospect from there to see if your tapes are readable. This might be enough if what you want to do is transfer the data to a newer tape technology. I continue to run my SCSI VXA-1 tape drive, Dual G4 450 and Adaptec 2930 from Mac OS X 10.2.8, Retro 5.1 and 6.0 without issues. I have elected this solution at this time over buying a new SCSI card or going to FireWire. Glenn
  7. You don't say much about your backup host and network, but if it is less than top of the line, you could be suffering from data underrun to the tape drive. That is, the tape drive is wasting tape (writing blank tape) waiting for the host computer to send it more data. Go to Exabyte's web site and get the VXA Tool from the Support -> Downloads area. Read the ReadMe file. Use the VXA Tool to set your preference for Capacity (over Speed): ./vxatool Tape1 -P C This enables the full effect of Variable Speed Operation that is one of the hallmarks of the VXA technology. No guarantees this will solve your problem, but it should have at least some positive effect on capacity.
  8. Quote: Quote: Sorry. No appropriate encryptor available. Attempting to use Retrospect 5.1 to open a Catalog that was created in Retrospect 6.0 results in this error. Is this what you're doing ...? Dave: In the original report (message #36914) julian 5 reported "If I double click the backup set to launch Retrospect, I now get the following alert: Sorry. No appropriate encryptor available.". Seems to me that if there is a copy of an earlier Retrospect anywhere on the system, then that copy of Retrospect might get the open request from the double click, with the reported error as the outcome. jilian5: can you double click on the backup set now and get the error message? If not, then probably you corrected the problem when you reformatted the drives. Or removed the Retrospect CD from its drive. Or unplugged the other external hard drive. Or ... Glenn
  9. Quote: Mayoff said: Yes, you can have 5.0 and 6.0 on the same computer. Ah, thanks. That eases my mind quite a bit. I have poked around my current Retrospect 5.0 installation: a) I see that the application is in a folder "Retrospect 5.0". I assume that a new folder "Retrospect 6.0" will be created for the new version of Retrospect. I see that the configuration (and icon) files have a suffix "(5.0)". I assume that the new versions will be suffixed "(6.0)". c) But I also see some files for Retrospect that don't seem to be differentiated as to the version they are for. Files like LaunchRetroHlper, Operations Log, retrorunfile, and in my personal preferences, LaunchRetroPref and com.dantz.Retrospect.plist Can I assume there will not be a conflict with any of these files being used by both versions of Retrospect? Quote: The 6.0 Retrospect Client will work with Retrospect 5.1, but will probably not work with 5.0 OK .... So, may I assume that if I buy the Retrospect 6.0 boxed package with CD that I will be able to update my 5.0 to 5.1 so it will work with the 6.0 clients I must install to work with 6.0? Or do I need to buy a 5.1 updater now and then go to Dantz in a couple of weeks and ask for a free update to 6.0? The Press Release says the included 5.1 version is for Mac OS 9, not Mac OS X. Thanks for the help. Glenn
  10. I am planning my upgrade to Retrospect 6 from Retrospect 5.0.238. I see some difficulties which raise some interesting questions. I hope someone here has already found the answers. 1) How can I install Retrospect 6.0 without affecting my ability to run Retrospect 5.0 on the same computer? I need to continue to run Retrospect 5.0 until my conversion to Retrospect 6.0 is complete. The conversion will be prolonged as I have tapes created under Retrospect 5 that I must continue to be able to write to for the next year or two. My site has a schedule by which backup sets are recycled and I have neither the time nor the tapes to create all new backup sets all at the same time as I begin using Retro 6. I went through a very similar conversion in the Retrospect 4/Mac OS 9 to Retrospect 5/Mac OS X upgrade. At that time, the solution was to install Retro 5 on a new boot partition and then boot into either OS 9 or OS X according to which version of Retro was required to match the backup set format. I would like to avoid setting up a separate boot partition this time if at all possible, as the backup machine is also a personal workstation and the multiple reboots impact productivity for the individual using the machine. 2) Will I be able to use one Retrospect Client with both Retrospect 5.0 and Retrospect 6.0? All client machines are running Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.3. I see there is an RDU that enables Retro 5.1 to work with the Retro 6 client. Will this RDU 4.3.103 work with Retro 5.0.238 also? If not, will the Retro 6.0 CD be able to update my Retro 5.0 to Retro 5.1? Or do I need to have both Retro 5 and Retro 6 clients installed on each machine? Here are my current assumptions, based on what I have read: 1) I must create all new backup sets for Retrospect 6, as it will not write to a backup set created by earlier versions of Retrospect. 2) Retrospect 5.0 (as is) will not talk to a Retro 6 client, and Retro 6 will not talk to a Retro 5 client. 3) Installing Retrospect 6 will overwrite my Retrospect 5.0.238 installation such that I will not be able to due further backups to my current backup sets. Thanks for all help on this daunting project. Glenn
  11. Does Retrospect 6.0 fix the problem where the Retrospect Client software only uses the primary or first network interface? The four computers to be backed up are all on one sub-net, but I have a problem when airport cards are enabled, or a software router is running on one of the clients, and the lan interface is not first in the list of interfaces. Checking the Knowledge Base, I see that the Windows Client supports selecting the interface. I am hoping for the same on the Macintosh. Glenn
  12. A question suggested by the original query: Would it be possible to mount the disk image and have Retrospect back-up the individual (changed) files within? Of course, one would also want to tell Retrospect not to backup the disk image file, for the original reasons. Glenn
  13. Quoting from the referenced article: Code: Mac OS 10.2.1 and 10.2.6 (Jaguar) Supported Adapters Adaptec PowerDomain AHA-2930CU And, since I am using one of these cards, I know it works very well with Retrospect 5.0.238, Mac OS X 10.2.6, and all the other latest software drivers and components. Now I notice that Chris is using Retrospect 5.0.2. I suggest updating to the latest Retrospect, and also be sure everything (!) else is up to date. I experienced hangs with prior versions of the software that have all disappeared with the current latest versions. If that does not work Chris, come back with lots more details of your configuration, both hardware and software. Glenn
  14. Has anyone tired this? I have a VXA-1 50-pin SE (single ended SCSI) drive that has failed. Exabyte is unable to repair this drive for 2-3 weeks (I have already been down for 2 weeks for this failure). Exabyte sent me instead a 68-pin LVD drive (without my OK) and I received it yesterday. They recommended that I obtain an adapter that would allow me to connect this drive to my existing Adaptec 2930 SCSI card. So, will I be able to get this to work with Retrospect 5.0.238 running under Mac OS X 10.2.6 on a PM G4/450 DP? My concern is that Dantz has said they don't support connections like this? Is this a fundamental limitation of Mac OS X? Something Dantz has not tried and so cannot recommend? I really want to get my backup back up and running, but seem to have few alternatives to this adapter. Alternatives I seems to have: 1) Obtain the 68 pin to 50 pin adapter, and hope it works. A day or three. Adaptec seems to have an inline device, a 1840900 part#, that will do the job, including high-byte termination. 2) Return the incorrect LVD drive, and my failed SE drive. Wait 2-3 weeks or more for repair. Also significant shipping costs. 3) Buy a LVD SCSI interface card. Several hundred dollares. $$$ (PS: I want a SCSI card that will let my G4 go to deep sleep). 4) Buy a new FireWire VXA-1 drive. $800-1000 $$$. Have the old drive repaired under waranty and sell to recoup some of cost. A big hassle. Suggestions? Thanks Glenn
  15. I interpret the indicator lights showing off off amber green (4th flashing or not) as the VXA drive being in "write mode". Write mode is just from my experience: I don't know that Exabyte calls it that. The 4th light gets brighter during the moments when data is actually being transferred to/from the drive, causing a flash. When a hang occurs no data is being transferred and the light is dim. Given that the drive was in write mode the 1st time the backup hung, cycling power on the drive was your only recourse. I am puzzled that you did not have to turn the drive off when the backup hung the second time. Did the drive show a different set of indicator lights with the second hang? Seeing the "Comparing ..." dialog up while the drive was still in write mode suggests that Retrospect has gotten ahead of the drive. I.e., a communication problem. I cannot begin to say who's fault that might be. Could be Retrospect, Retrospect driver, Mac OS X, cables or other hardware, VXA drive, VXA firmware. I went thru about a year of hangs almost like yours (I saw an "Updating catalog..." dialog rather than "Comparing...") but the rest is essentially the same. Yet, in the last month, I have been free the hangs (knock on wood). My backups now proceed much like they did in Mac OS 9 before I converted to Retro 5 / Mac OS X. I don't know what has changed that "suddenly" eliminated the hangs, but here are some theories: 1) Continuing updates to software, both Retrospect, Mac OS X, VXA, and SCSI (yeah, SCSI is my dark little secret, as most VXA users have FireWire). I have all the latest, including the 5.1 client software. 2) I recently re-setup my tape drive hardware setup. I.e., I "loaned out" the drive for some experiments on another host, then restored drive and cable to the backup host computer. Perhaps the physical disturbance, or the communication with different software and hardware, altered some aspect of my backup configuration. Besides any ideas inspired by the above discussion, I think your best bet is to configure your backup script to backup by sub-volumes as suggested in earlier posts. This may point to a trouble-spot in a sub-volume, or like in my case, you may find that the backup completes without error. In my case after backing up all the sub-volumes, I would backup the volume as a whole to get anything not in the sub-volumes. I ran like that for many months, with only a rare hang, until my recent discovery that this workaround was no longer needed.