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Need help with Disaster Rec CD creation


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I have Retrospect 7.5 windoze and have done a full backup to an external hard drive and I also have the XP backup just in case. My problem is that I need a new systemboard and since it has the intel built-in raid controller I will lose my raid0 hard drives and have to start from scratch. I was able to make the .iso DR image but can't seem to make a cd or dvd that will boot. XP does not seem to have built in capabilities for that and I tried the Sonic myDVD and Record now that came from dell but they don't do ISO unless you upgrade. I tried Easy CD creator at work and used the create bootable disk option but this created a cd with 2 files: BOOTCAT.BIN and BOOTIMG.BIN. This would also not work as a boot disk. The program said something about a stuffit binary!. I looked at the original DR iso file on a Mac and it looked like a boot disk when opened.. i386 folder, drivers, etc.

I'm assuming that if I just do the bare xp install from the original dell disk and then install retrospect that the restore will not be able to replace the windows folders on the HD because I will have been booted from the HD, not the CD.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.




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