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  1. Windows 7 Pro sp1 I just went to Windows Explorer, opened the C drive, select all and properties. If I just select the C drive without opening it, I get the Pie chart of usage with no file count. Changed Retrospect selector to include all files and it now finds 454 K files, not much different. I don't usually keep things in the trash, when working on a project, I move old versions to a _Old folder and then exclude that when archiving. If Norton 360 file count is correct then I don't know what's putting almost 1.5 millions on the hard drive. The only thing that runs really slow on the computer, a Dell XPS gen 4 with stripped 300 GB 10k WD Velociraptors and Pentium 4 HT, is the browser which is almost up to date. I do have a misbehaving NVidia display adapter with sometimes does not wake from sleep. When I view the Event viewer there are some SChannel errors, fatal alert :70 whatever that means. I am planning on replacing this at some point after seeing how much faster a new HP laptop 16-a0032dx is. Don't know if it's the Intel Optane 32GB/512 GB SSD drive but it boots in about 9 seconds. Is is a flimsy plastic thing and the screen sometimes flickers but even with only 8 GB ram it's fast. DId get to use our Retrospect DR after a windows update failed and the automatic repair failed. Retrospect did kill the restore to factory partition though but we would never use it because HP tech support had manually updated to version H20 Thanks for the help.
  2. Just to confirm, I'm assuming that Retrospect shows you all files including hidden system ones when you go to restore from a snapshot and click files chosen? The reason I ask is that I ran a full system scan in Norton 360 after it mentioned a large amount of outbound traffic from the Windows 7 computer and it claimed to scan approx 1.9 million files. Checking Retrospect restore C drive it said matched 424 k files out of 468 k. Showing properties for 'All in C:\ ' with folder options show hidden checked showed 464 k files. Is Norton 360 displaying incorrect info or do I really have over 4 times the files I think I have? Thanks.
  3. We have a Windows 7 PC with Retrospect Desktop (used to be called Pro) 9.5.3.x used for Backups but the user also wanted a copy of Documents, Pictures, etc. on an external drive but in normal windows format with no restore from Retrospect needed to access the files. A 'Duplicate' was run and the resulting folder is on the destination disk but cannot be opened because it denies access with a 'you currently don't have permission' error. Trying to change the permissions shows 'everyone', 'system' and the user has 'allow' checked for all but special permissions. Clicking 'apply' after changing all users, system, etc to full control errors. Quitting Restropect makes not difference as does rebooting. Also, is Duplicate going to erase files on the destination that were not present on the source? It was thought that the Duplicate could be used to keep copies of the Camera SD cards, Phone pics, etc without having to copy the entire cards each time, only new or changed but if it deletes files that are no longer on the source from the destination than may the user needs something like Iperius Backup instead?
  4. My original Seagate USB backup drive and the WD C: drive work fine. The new WD drive was partitioned to have 1.9TB and smaller partitions and also formatted with 512k sectors. The new drive copies fine manually. I suppose I could dump Retrospect and use a free backup utility like Iperius but that has no search capabilities, though it will do imcrimental backups. I also just borrowed a new Seagate (6TB) and got the same error. I checked and the new drives are both MBR format. It seems to be only Retrospect having a problem with the new drives, even when backup up to a 1.8TB partition. The error seems to be when reading the C drive. Even backing up to my old 500MB drive causes the error when the new drive is connected to the usb port. That is the puzzling part, just having the drive connected but unused fouls up Retrospect. I was thinking of trying the trial of Retrospect 10.5 but when I bought 9.5 for a new computer, the sales department told me to install that on the new windows 7 computer, not on the old one with XP. This lead me to think that the new versions were not really compatible with XP.
  5. Do you know where I can get an official Retrospect error list? The site above suggests using the system tool restore point. For some reason system restore only shows January 2016 so if I really needed a restore, I would have to use Retrospect but I'm not sure I need to. I don't think that I would download a utility that had my exact error code in it's name, sounds a little odd! Thanks
  6. I have been using Retrospect Prof 7.6.111 on a Dell XPS Gen4 with WinXP Pro sp3 (32bit) to backup up to USB Seagate 500MB and WD 160 MB drives for years without problems except for a few compare errors. Recently I acquired WD Elements 4 TB drive and could not successfully complete a backup without File "xxx": can't read, error -1010 (API request bad); Trouble reading files, error -1010 (API request bad) errors during copy. I tried a borrowed WD 3TB on only 9 GB backup and it copied but got the error when comparing. Tried re-formatting with 512k sectors and then 2 partitions of 1.9 and 1.8 TB got same error so I'm guessing it is not a problem with XP and the drive being over 2GBs.. Drive seems to work fine when manually copying files and only seems to have a problem with Retrospect. Even having the new WD drive plugged in and backing up to the old Seagate drive causes the error in Retrospect. Both are drives connected to built-in USB2 ports, I was planning in installing a USB 3.0 host card after testing the new drive. Has anyone else came across the -1010 error? WD tech sup said it does not sound like a Windows error but rather a Retrospect error. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have Retrospect 7.5 windoze and have done a full backup to an external hard drive and I also have the XP backup just in case. My problem is that I need a new systemboard and since it has the intel built-in raid controller I will lose my raid0 hard drives and have to start from scratch. I was able to make the .iso DR image but can't seem to make a cd or dvd that will boot. XP does not seem to have built in capabilities for that and I tried the Sonic myDVD and Record now that came from dell but they don't do ISO unless you upgrade. I tried Easy CD creator at work and used the create bootable disk option but this created a cd with 2 files: BOOTCAT.BIN and BOOTIMG.BIN. This would also not work as a boot disk. The program said something about a stuffit binary!. I looked at the original DR iso file on a Mac and it looked like a boot disk when opened.. i386 folder, drivers, etc. I'm assuming that if I just do the bare xp install from the original dell disk and then install retrospect that the restore will not be able to replace the windows folders on the HD because I will have been booted from the HD, not the CD. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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