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Our backups have been working fine for months.


But after the backup on the 17th July Retrospect has decided not to run any scripts again.


The Preview of Schedules are all look fine.

All the scripts are Checked and reported as working fine.

If you manually run a script it works fine.

The date on the Mac is correct.

The Mac works perfectly for all sharing and tasks (apart from retrospect)

There has been no power outages or hardware failures.


Any ideas?


Reptrospect 6.1

OS X server 10.4.8

PowerMac G4 QuickSilver 2GB Ram.

Lacie RAID 1TB

Lacie Desktop Drive 1TB

All FireWire

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Adding to another reply I cannot see on this topic yet...


I'm afraid you've lost me with this response. Are you saying that the errors you now mention are a part of your original problem and that the problem was not a failure to autolaunch, or are you introducing a new set of difficulties?


If it's a new problem, best to start a new thread with a subject line appropriate to the problem.


In any case, we need considerably more information about what you're trying to do; what your hardware setup is, including your source volumes; what type of destination backup set you're using, when the problems appear, etc., etc.

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