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Backup Set Transfer loss of data without Errors

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Hi community,


System: Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.385 / Driver Version:


Library: Tandberg T40 (LTO3)


Problem: A scripted *recycling* transfer from a disk backup set to a tape backup set looses data without any error messages. For example we have a disk backup set from a server with ten volumes and a total size from round about 500GB (one full and several incremental backups).


After the recycling transfer to the tape backup set, we have in fact in the tape backupset every Volume in the Snapshots but only one or two Volumes from the initial full backup in the single run history (sessions). The tape Backup set contains after the transfer only 10 to maybe 100 GB in size.


Our first opinion for this problem was, that Retrospect ignores the "recycling" command an made a "normal" transfer instead but we cannot find any data on the tape, which would be there after a previous session.


What is going wrong?


Best regards Pronto

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