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Another Error -557 Error

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This just started last night. I have a critical server that needs to be backed up and Retrospect is returning this error.


The server hasn't changed except that I upgrade Symantec Antivirus 10.1 on it and promoted it to the primary server. That is the only change.


Now, I also upgraded Antirvirus on the other servers but those are working just fine. I have stopped and started the Retrospect client (latest) and I upgraded Retrospect to the latest version on my server (7.5.xx) but I am still having the problem.


I have yet to reboot the server that's failing.


The error happens not only when I attempt to backup, but when I'm in the "Volumes" window trying to configure it and/or browse it. I can't do a restore either.


Any information would be great!

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Turns out, when I went to physically look at the computer, it was in the middle of a restart. I.e. it was going to be restarted but the restart failed because it was waiting for a process to get killed that wouldn't die.


After doing that, the server rebooted and now Retrospect will connect.

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