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Recreate catalog from tapes

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Retrospect Single Server 7.0.265 running on Win XP PRO sp2


I had a 9 tape LTO3 catalog get corrupted and rebuilt it using the following method

Tools/Repair Catalog/Recreate from Tapes.

it asked for the last member. I put in Tape 9

it worked for hours on this, I then told it to stop using the Revert option

Next day went back and did tools/Repair Catalog/Update Existing, selected the partial recreation above and let it run all weekend.


The recreated catalog "seems" to be ok, it shows all 9 members, snapshots look ok, etc. I had to forget it then add it to use it in my backup script.


Is the above the proper way to rebuild a tape catalog? I expected to have to feed retrospect all 9 tapes and that this would take days to complete.

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If you have enabled "Fast Catalog File Rebuild" on the backup set, you need only the last tape to recreate.

(At least that's the theory; I have never got it to work, but that's another story.)


Since Retrospect says the catalog file is OK, it is OK.

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