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Retrospect will not un-hide

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It is relatively easy for me to get Retrospect 6 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 on an Intel Mac Pro into a state where it will not show itself after it has been hidden. Here's the sequence of events that causes this to happen:


1. Retrospect backup server is running on an Intel Mac

2. Retrospect is busy doing something (just about anything), which makes it a little less responsive than usual

3. Choose the Hide command from the menu (or press command-H)

4. Retrospect, being busy, doesn't do anything right away in response to the Hide command

5. Click on the finder desktop - suddenly, Retrospect gets hidden

6. Now try to un-hide Retrospect. You can try this various ways - click on its dock icon, choose Show from the dock context menu, command-tab to Retrospect. None of these will un-hide it.

7. Retrospect is still merrily running in the background, performing all your backups, but you can never make it un-hide. If it's idle, you can choose Quit from the dock context menu to quit it, and then launch it again, which is your only recourse at this point.


I searched the forums and saw a thread from 2004 complain about this very problem, with no resolution posted, so it has apparently been around for a while. I've also seen this same thing happen with another Rosetta application, so it could be Apple's bug.


Is anyone else able to reproduce this problem? Is there any workaround other than quitting Retrospect?




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