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SCSI problem

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A problem I've been living with for awhile:


Multiserver 7.0 running on XP, fully updated


We have a qualstar 4222 connected to an adaptec 29160. Normally works great. We get transfer rates (from local disks -> 4222) of around 1G/min. To achieve this, we're using the adaptec 29160 driver (not the microsoft driver) and disabled the tape drives in the hardware manager. All std. stuff, from the documentation and knowledge base.


Problem is, every 6 months or so, I'll come in monday to find the tape backups still in progress, xfer rates of abou 20Mb/s. When I check the hardware manager, the 29160 is using the M$ driver again and the tape drives are re-enabled in the hardware manager. Once I reconfigure the settings and restart the backups, everything is fine once again. Except when this happened last monday. I can disable the tape drives in the hardware manager, but I can't use the adaptec driver for the 29160 - it flat refuses to load.


Is all this shti due to M$ automatic updates? Anybody else seen this? Any help or advice appreciated.


Anybody using another brand of U160 card they're happy with? I know about the Dantz recommended hardware list, but I'm looking for happy-user recommendations.




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