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Mailboxes / Public Folders

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I'm trying to figure out how to do this....


Under our Exchange Server Agent we have three options, two of which are important for this post. There is the "First Storage Group" and the "Exchange Mailboxes"


The First Storage group contains all the mailboxes as well as the public folders. It is important for us to backup the public folders.


Then there is the exchange Mailboxes that connects into each mailbox and backs up the individual e-mails.


If I backup First Storage Group, I only have the option to backup all mailboxes and public folders, not just public folders.


I have several questions.

  • What's the difference between backing up the First Storage Group and the individual mailboxes?

  • When restoring the FSG, do I have to restore it all? Can I restore an individual mailbox? And if so, does it have to be the entire mailbox?

  • When the FSG is backed up, if a mailbox changes, does the entire mailbox have to be backed up again? i.e. a 500MB mailbox gets one e-mail, the entire 500MB is backed up again whereas when backing up the individual mailboxes it only backs up the changed e-mails in that box.


I need to backup the public folders. But I don't have enough room in my backup set to backup 40GB every night and that's what it would be because 99% of the users' boxes change everyday.


What do I do?

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