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Why restrospect server does not execute the Proactive script?

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Server:Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.370

Client: V7.5.116

Proactive Backup Script:

The Proactive backup is set to back up every 7 days.

The backup media for the Detination is "Disk",

And in options, "Groom to remove backups older than" is set to 3.

It has successed backup three times on 2007/2/26, 2007/2/19, 2007/2/12,

but after that. The Server does not backup anymore,

and the client popups and says that it has not backuped for a long time.


I want to know why the server does not backup anymore.

The disk for backup disk set have 350 GB space left.

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The Retrospect Server has 1300GB RAID Hardisk.

There total number of Windows PC clients that need backup is about 30.

The data to backup of each PC is about 2GB to 10GB.

Backup schedule and policy:

Each Client should backup 1 time/week

Kept the last 3 snapshot


Can somebody give me some advice on how many proactive scripts and disk backup sets should be used to achive above goal?

I don't know whether I should define

only one Proactive script and one Disk type Backup Set for all the 30 Clients,

or 30 Proacive scripts use the same Disk type Backup Set, or 30 Proacive scripts use 30 Disk type Backup Sets respectively.

Currently, I defined 30 Proacive scripts use the same Disk type Backup Set.


I changed the backup destination from File type to Disk type this year when the RAID HD is full. And deleted the some file type Snapshots to free disk space.

At first, the 30 Proactive scrips worked well, but after some clients has 3 snapshot.

The Retrospect does not backup any client any more.

I don't know what's wrong.

The disk still has 350Gb space left, and disk Backup sets have been set to use most 90%.

How to fix this problem?

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Thank you for helping me.

I will change to use one proactive script.

Before changing, Action is "Deferred", I don't know why.

The Status of some source are blank, some are "Backed up", and others are "Retry".

The "Next backup" of all the sources are "ASAP".

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Yes, the button is in Press-Down status.

After I click it again to made it to normal status.

"Action" changes to "polling", and some sources start backup.


I'm gald that Restrospect server can work now,

and know the correct way to define Proactive script.


Thank you again for warmful help.

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