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Linux client on Debian Etch AMD64


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For the benefit of anyone else in the same situation ...


I recently replaced my Suse system (6 years old, hard disk died) with an AMD64 running Debian Etch AMD64, and have got the Linux Client 7.0.110 to run (mostly). These are (I think !) the steps I took - unfortunately I tried a few things and can't be certain of the exact steps required :


Download the .tar version of the client and stick it somewhere convenient.

If not already installed, install package ia32-libs (apt-get install is32-libs) which provides the 32bit libraries needed to run 32 bit applaiction.

Untar it (tar xvf retroclient-70_linux.tar)

You now have two files, RCL.tar and Install.sh

I think i just ran the install script (./Install.sh) which mostly installed stuff, if it doesn't work, copy the files contained in RCL.tar (tar xvf RCL.tar) into /usr/local/dantz/client (which you'll have to make).

Make sure the script rcl gets copied to /etc/init.d and that a symlink is created in /etc/rc2.d (cd /etc/rc2.d ; ln -s ../init.d/rcl S99rcl)

Start the client (/etc/init.d/rcl start) and check the logs to see if it started.

Make any configuration changes, eg "retrocpl -exclude on" to turn on handling of the /etc/retroclient.excludes file.


The only thing left is to find out why it appears as Deferred in Backup Server - as in this thread Linux client is "deferred" -- why?

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