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how to have one script kick off another when completed?


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Before I read the manual I thought I would post here and see if anyone knows how to do have a script kick off another script when it is done? I have a disk to disk to tape set up and would like the tape script to start as soon as the write to disk is complete. Is this a matter of scheduling the tape before the other will be complete and it will automatically just start?


thanks in advance

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It's a bit more complex than that, but you've got the right idea. Retrospect has an odd scheduler that will decide, from all currently runnable scripts, which one to run next based on an alphabetic sort of the currently-runnable script names. The scheduling order doesn't matter, and it can give unexpected results because, for example, the first time you do a backup it takes a relatively long time, but subsequent backups happen quickly because most files have already been backed up. So, the "currently runnable" list may be different if you schedule scripts to start 5 minutes apart. Grumble. I've never seen this documented, but it's how it works.


And I tremble that some day this "feature" might be corrected so that the scripts run in the order they were scheduled, as most sane schedulers do.


So, name the scripts appropriately so that they alphabetize into the order you want to run them, then schedule them in sequence, a minute or two apart, and it will cover the present behavior and "fixed" behavior.


Hope this helps,



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Schedule the disk-to-disk backup to run on "Execution unit 4" at a given time.

Schedule the disk-to-tape backup to run on "Execution unit 4" one hour later. This backup will wait until "execution unit 4" is free, which it will only be after the disk-to-disk backup is finished.


(I chose "Execution Unit 4" just because it's the last one you are guaranteed to have. If you have more RAM, you will have more execution units available. Chose the highest number YOU have.)

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