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Error 1116, backing up to NAS


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I'm running RS Pro 7.5.324 on a Windows XP box, and RS client 7.5.111 on another XP box, backing up to an Enfrant ReadyNAS. All are connected through a Linksys router.


The backup proceeds like this:


1. C drive of host

2. D drive of host

3. any flash drives that happen to be connected to the host (any way to turn that off???)

4. C drive of client

5. any flash drives that happen to be connected to the client


but, 90% of the time, when it gets to step 4, i get a message box with a "-1116" error (can't can't access network volume, try using Explorer to connect). i OK, navigate out to the NAS via Windows Explorer, and then RS immediately finds the NAS (again) and continues.


so, it can talk to the NAS when backing-up the drives on the host. but loses the connection when talking to the client.


this means unattended backups are impossible, since it will not continue past step 4 unless i do the little thing with Explorer.


any ideas ?

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1. Try setting a login to the volume under Configure>Volumes, right click on the volume and select Login as...

2. Try specifying a user to run Retrospect as under Configure>Preferences, Execution>Security.


Also, as for Retrospect backing up any flash drive connect to the host, most likely you're selecting the My Computer container as your source. If you explicitly specify the C: and D: drives in your script, then that's all that Retrospect will backup. Same goes for the client machines.

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