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Error -206 wont go away


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Every 3 or 4th DVD I get multiple error -206 yet it continues. Then when I check to see if it has backed up properly by going to back up source again it shows that it needs to backup about 75% of what it just backed up. Its a real waist of DVDs and time.


Its like it doesnt report it properly to the catalog because if I go and do a repair of the backup set it recovers some of the data but not all.


I'm running Windows XP sp1 w/NET Framework 1.1

Retrospect Windows Pro 7.5.324 with latest driver update (last nights)

Pioneer DVD-108 and DVD-111d devices using ATA 40pin cables

I ended up running the auto configure on the drives.

PRINCO 8x DVD-R media

I have it set to quick verify (MD5)

My backup source is from a local drive


EMC please respond. Thank you.

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Did you have any problems with this drive before autoconfiguring it? You can try removing the custom configured driver by going to c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect and moving the device##.rdi files to a different folder. I would also suggest using DVD+R or DVD+RW media, preferably something name brand such as Verbatim or TDK.

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