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Duplicate activator code error 506

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Am running Rerospect 6.1.126 on an Apple Mac XServe.


One client is giving me repeated errors (duplicate activator code error 506) and refusing to back up properly.


It's a PC running Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition and has 2 network interfaces.

Retrospect client version is 7.5.116 and so the advice to upgrade the client version is of no use.


I've got a feeling the 2 network interfaces may be the source of this problem, but I've got no idea how to fix it.


If anyone's got any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.



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The dulicate activator code means that you have a client using that code already. How many other clients do you have at the moment? Did you at one point have that machine added as a client then had it uninstalled or reinstalled and didnt remove it from the client database list?


by defualt retrospect uses the default routing instead of specific adapter so if you want have it use a specific one going into configure clients hit CTRL-I that will bring up the interfaces window form there you can create a new interface and select the specific NIC interface that you want to use.


Otherwise try uninstalling and reinstalling the client from the XServe

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