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Problem: Retrospect backs up everything "twice"?


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Hi there.


Using Windows 2003 R2, Retrospect Multi Server 7.5 - all the latest patches. Backing up to a Tandberg Superloader LTO-2 SCSI. Using the Open File backup add-on.


Suddenly - when starting af new backup-set, Retrospect will offcourse backup everything the first time.


But when the backup starts again the next day, Retrospect feels the need to backup almost all data again? And the data has not changed. It's not everything the second time. Only around 90% or so. I don't understand.


This only happens when the source is "big" +100Gb, +100,000 files.


I've been using Retrospect for many years - I've never seen this before?


Please help - any suggestions are welcome. I am unable to backup at the moment!




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Hi Henrik,


Could it be that the permissions of the files are getting changed? This is one thing that could cause Retrospect to backup the majority of the files again. One quick way to test if this is the case or not is to go into backup-->backup make sure that you are in advanced mode, select the same source and same destination as you are using now. Go into options and click on more choices. Under Windows go into security and deselect backup folder security and backup file security from servers. After those have been deselected click on preview and see if it still wants to backup most of the information again.

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Hi AndrewA


No - the files are not changed. This is confirmed.


I now believe this is a bug in the MD5 checksum verify functionality when the backup spans more than one medium.


This is easy to reproduce:


If you make a backup that uses Media Verification (the MD5 thing) and the backup spans more than one media (I've tried disks and tapes, others on these forums have tried DVD's - same result) then Retrospect only recognizes what ever is on the last media. Everything that is all ready backed up on the other media (all media except the last) is backed up again.


If I do the exact same backup with Thorough Verification then everything works as it should.


I'm using Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.324, RDU, Windows Server 2003 R2 latest patches.


Kind regards,


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Can you avoid the problem by starting with media verification, switching to thorough verification when the backup is getting close to "spilling over" to a new member, then switching back to media verification when the backup has already started using the new member? Or will Retrospect start backing everything up a second time as soon as you turn the media verification back on?

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