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Data duplication issue


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I have just begun using the duplicate functionality and have found what appears to be a serious problem.

Hopefully it is just a simple configuration change but when I try to duplicate my main retrospect backup folder nothing happens.


That is;


1. If I duplicate the following BACKUP folder, nothing under the Retrospect folder is backed up. This includes all of my disk Backup Sets.

E:\BACKUP\Retrospect\beta InvIT Jung Set A\1-beta InvIT Jung Set A


2. But if I duplicate the following Retrospect folder then everything works.

E:\Retrospect\beta InvIT Jung Set A\1-beta InvIT Jung Set A


I have also noticed that when selecting a duplicate folder, none of the sub folders below the Retrospect folder appear. Perhaps Retrospect intentionally hides them for some reason?


Thank you for your assistance.

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