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7.5 ru759102, on win2003 r2 server, from corporate network just DNS and DHCP can´t see clients

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If i open from retrospect server, from window desktop my network neibourhood icon,

i can see all computers and servers names, all distribuited in diferent subnet


servers static ip address from 192.168.0.x networks

client distribuited via dhcp between 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x


firewall is disable, the retrospect tcp and udp port is open

the subnet adress is added on my clients python subnet broadcast option

but i can not see any clients, only 2 clients that are server, that belongs to the 192.168.0.x networks


my server has two interfaces, one is online acting as primary network card, and the second is disable,


multicast aparently is disable, how enable multicasting using DHCP server, trying to using this option

if subnet doesnt work





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I know that on Mac clients, the RetroClient "installs" itself (at boot time) on the first available network "connection", which might be wireless or even modem. In the system prefs->Network panel you drag the "connection" so the wired connection is first.


I guess there is something similar on the Windows client.

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sorry for my explanation, the correct is:


7.5 ru759102, on win2003 r2 server, the corporate network use just DNS and DHCP service enable

NO WINS, NO MULTICAST services enable


from retrospect server outside retrospect application, i can see all computers name

from retrospect server inside retrospect application, i can not see retrospect clients


they are already added on the database client,

the problem is visual, no icon of a client trying to add more clients.

by example if i delete one already added client, i can not see trying to add again


thanks Lennart

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NO WINS, NO MULTICAST services enable



I think Retrospect uses multicast to open the connection to the client. I KNOW Retrospect uses multicast when you add clients, unless you add them by IP-address (one by one).


You need to make sure that both TCP and UDP port 497 is open across the network.

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If you do not have subnet broadcasting enabled in your network, and you are trying to add via the multicast or subnet broadcast methods, you are not going to be able to see clients on subnets that are different than the one where the server resides. You can add them via IP address but you will lose them once the client acquires a new address via DHCP. At least, that's what we discovered in our recent implementation.

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Lenart: You need to make sure that both TCP and UDP port 497 is open across the network.


JohnJ: If you do not have subnet broadcasting enabled in your network




Across the Network?

enable in your network?


I am not a infrastructure expert, how can i do this,?

do i have to manage the active network devices? (switches, router, firewalls, or software services like dhcp)


I just want to know the correct step to correct this problem, by example


1. make and inventory of your active network devices

2. talk with it infrasture manager, with dhcp manager, etc

3. understand the administration devices brand, cisco, 3com, linksys, etc, (read manuals)

4. open all manage devices gui to review the multicast open port, (filter)

5. if there is a DHCP server enable, enable on it a multicast protocol ( i dont know how to do and how it works)

6. check with a protocol monitor software if multicast is enable

7. if the 75% of the total number of computers works with two networks card (wired and wireless)

how to proceed

8. from retrospect add manually all the subnet address ranges

9. try to see the clients to add from retrospect, if they are not showed then

10. disable or enable tarara ra raa ...........................


where is this steps documented?


thats what i ask if i can enable multicast via dhcp server on windows 2003 r3 and filter just the dantz

udp and tcp port, but i don´t know how.

Or do i need to redifine my ip address network distribution?


how to explain this to the tecnology managers, every body says MULTICAST generate a lot a traffic and nobody likes to enable, but some boletins says that it does not. Subnet Broadcast better choice but

it doesn´t work, too


I have waste a lot of time doing this implementation, but by now i have more knowledge about some kind of network services. (not experience)


thanks everyone



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