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Problems with scheduled backups


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I cannot get Retrospect to do scheduled backups to a NAS box (an Infrant ReadyNAS NV+). I can manually run the scripts just fine. When it runs automatically, I get an error -1101 (file/directory not found). Any suggestions to get this running?


I've tried the following with no success (same error):

- disabling idle-timeouts on the readynas via the add-on listed on their the forums.

- running a batch file that does a dir of the backup set on the readynas 1 minute before the scheduled backups. (it dumps the result to a log and the results look fine).


Note: I can manually run the Retrospect script and it works fine. The only problem is when it runs automatically. (I do not leave the app open all the time; I let it auto-launch).



ReadyNAS NV+

Retrospect 7.5 - win (bundled with readynas)

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Two things you can try:


1. Set Retrospect to run as a specified user: Go to Configure>Preferences>Execution>Security and enter your information.


2. Set a login to the NAS volume: Go Configure>Volumes, right click on the volume, choose Login As and enter your information. If you are on a domain, make sure you enter your information as DOMAINNAME\USERNAME.

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