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Another new retrospect customer looking for help setting things up


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I have recently purchased Retrospect mutli-server with all the agents. I am backing up 180 GB over several servers including Exchange. I have 900 GB of drive space to write my back up too. I have Autoloader that holds 8 200/400 Gb tapes. Here is what I would like, or rather what my boss wants:


Week 1

Monday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 101]

Tuesday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 102]

Wednesday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 103]

Thursday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 104]

Friday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 105]

Saturday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 106]

Sunday Full -> Disk -> tape [tape 120,122,124,126,128…etc]


Week 2

Monday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 107]

Tuesday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 108]

Wednesday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 109]

Thursday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 110]

Friday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 111]

Saturday Incremental -> Disk -> tape [tape 112]

Sunday Full -> Disk -> tape [tape 121,123,125,127,…etc]


Week 3 rotate to week ones tapes.


The Sunday full each week will be taken off site and be rotated in 14 weeks. I will rotate between two weeks worth of tapes [numbers in brackets].


I would like to keep the two weeks worth of back up on the drive and implement user initiated restore. I will use the grooming to clear the drive space after two weeks.


I have 4 back up sets that copy the data from the 4 servers to disk.


I would like help in setting up the back up sets to make this is automated as possible as to where a tape monkey can just put the tapes in the drive in any order and things will work. How many back up sets do I need and how many scripts so I need? I am a retrospect newbie and any help would be appreciated.


thanks for your time.



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I have already read this document... and your link does not work. From reading this document several times I do not see that "This is not how Retrospect works". But thanks for the reply.



Here's another link for other readers:


As for how Retrospect works, here's how WE do it. We don't have disk-to-disk-to-tape, but the tape usage is as follows:

Full backup on weekends on tapes 1-8 (New media backup).

Progressive backups each night until next weekend on tapes 8-11. (Normal backup)

Then a new set of tapes the next weekend, numbered 1-8 as the cycle repeats.


You can't put progressive backups on a set of tapes other than the full backup set of tapes. It will be a full backup by nature, since all files not already backed up will be copied to tape.

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