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Purge one file from backup set


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Well, snapshots always present a view of the state of your drive when they are taken. So, if you do another backup to the same backup set, not a "new media" or recycle, you will get a new snapshot showing the current state of your drive (with that now-deleted infected file not showing in the most current snapshot) with any changed files also being backed up (so very few files will be backed up). At that point, you could groom your backup set, and the older, now-missing stuff (including the infected file, which you have removed from your drive and thus also removed from the most current snapshot), would be removed. Or you could just leave the infected file in the backup set, but it wouldn't show in the current and future snapshots.


Make sense?


You just need to get the right model in your head for a snapshot. It's an illusion view into the backup set, an alternate reality, if you will.



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