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ISO Disk for Disaster Recovery

Ken Bernstein

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I am following the procedure to create a Disaster Recovery CD from Retrospect Express 6.5, but I have one question: When I copy the ISO image to disk using a program like Nero Express, do I choose "create data disk" or "create bootable data disk"? (In other words, does the ISO image already contain bootable information to create the temporary Windows XP OS, so that choosing to create a "bootable" data disk would duplicate--and probably screw up--what Retrospect is trying to accomplish?)


Thanks for your help in advance (and I sure appreciate the answer to my question yesterday),


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hi ken,


you should look for an option to 'Create disk from image file', or something like that.


i have posted this link before to a free program that _only_ burns cd's from iso images:




feel free to try that out. it is extremely easy to use and very tiny. others have expressed joy in using it. note that it is not my program and i have no affiliation with the company that publishes it.



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Hi, Waltr--


I was able to make the Disaster Recovery CD using the "burncdcc.exe" (using the link you gave me). Thank you very much!


Since it looks like consumer disk burning programs like Nero Express and Roxio Easy Media Creator do not have the ability to burn CDs from ISO files, don't you think it would be helpful for Dantz to include a program such as Burncdcc.exe with their distribution of Retrospect?




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