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Proactive vs Scheduling

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Hi all,


I'm trying to puzzle a solution to scheduling Retrospect the way I want it. I'm using 7.5 MultiServer on W2K3, backing up to disk. There are three backup sets, each one occupying 100% of a RAID LUN. The LUNs/sets are all the same size. I'd like to backup to only one set during a particular month, then rotate through each set in subsequent months. The rotation would look like this:


October: Proactive to BackupSetA

November: Proactive to BackupSetB

December: Proactive to BackupSetC

January: Recycle BackupSetA, Proactive to BackupSetA



I figured I could have a script for each set, and each script is only active for a month, then sleeps for three. Is this possible?


Alternatively, the only thing I can see is to have Proactive always write to one set, then use other scripts to recycle/stage the contents to the other volumes.


Comments, thoughts, rants against newbies?




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