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I have a probably unusual request. Due to a rogue entry in the registry [XP Pro], I used the

original install disk for the OS to do a "repair" of the system [NOT with the Recovery utility].

This procedure leaves data and application intact, but requires one to install all updates,

including SP2. I've done this and the system is stable.


I would like to start using Retrospect de novo. Do I just erase everything on the external

USB Maxtor drive used for the Retro backup -- and everything in the Retro backup folders

on the main computer -- or is there more to this than I thought?


In other words, I'd like to start making backups with Retrospect as if for the first time. What

do I have to remove from the present system to make that possible, given that I used

Retrospect previously to back up my hard disk?


Thanks for reading this...



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hi hc,


all you need to do is a 'recycle' backup to your current Backup Set.


for example, if you have everything set up and working properly to 'Backup Set A', do an Immediate Backup (just open Retrospect and hit 'Backup' on the left side and then the 'Backup' button) of the same sources (such as the 'C:' drive) to the same Backup Set (in this case, 'Backup Set A') and under the 'options' choose 'Recycle'. this will lose all of the old data and do a Full backup of the sources. then just let your current schedule run as always....



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