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Filenames containing ISO 8859-1 chars not being backed up

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I have a folder on a Linux Retrospect client that contains ISO 8859-1 characters in the filenames and the Retrospect server is producing errors when trying to back up those files. The error I'm seeing is:

File "/home/www/phpGedView-4.0beta1/images/flags/réunion.gif": can't read, error -1101 (file/directory not found)

There are also files containing Hebrew characters that are also not being backed up.


Obviously Retrospect sees the file so what is going on that it can't backup the file?

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. Should I ask this question there (or is there a way to move this to that form)? It wasn't clear whether it was server side or client side (you are right, it is more likely the client side). My client is running version 7.5.112 which appears to be the latest version.

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hi tait,


i'm sure a mod will move it if needed. i was just pointing it out for future reference. no harm done.


that does appear to be the latest client. i found the post i was looking for:




i thought there was a resolution (like use the latest Client), but i don't see it in there. you might try some of the suggestions in there, but you may end up needing to call EMC Insignia Technical Support on this issue. i would think if this problem still exists that they would be able to reproduce it very easily.


just for info, what is the Linux Distro?



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Hmm. Surprise surprise, following the recommendation in the form you mentioned which suggested adding:


export LANG=C


to /etc/init.d/rcl [at least that was where the file exists on my machine]

and running a backup, all appears good (the errors I previously saw are gone). I even restored some of the files and compared them (on the Linux machine using "diff") and they all compared OK so it appears that the backup worked.


I should mention that the default value on my system was:




I'll update the other form too.



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