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inverse compression?

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I'm running Mac OS X 10.3.4, Retrospect 5.0.238. Doing a RECYCLE backup. When I start my backup Retrospect tells me it is going to backup about 49 GB. I'm backing up onto a 60 GB Firewire hard drive. After backing up about 48 GB, Retro stops the backup because the volume is full. Indeed, the drive has less than a meg available, and the backup set is 55 GB. I've got data compression on with the compression filter selector. No encryption.


How is it possible for Retrospect to create an archive bigger than the data being backed up?


No compression is bad enough, but EXPANSION is even worse!


Any suggestions welcome.



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I know this answer is a bit late in coming, but compressing files that are already compressed, eg. stuffit archives and some kinds of files will actually create bigger files, because the compressor is having to add some data to the file cos it's already compressed to the point where no more disk space can be saved.


Have you tried putting certain files in separate folders, so that one can be compressed when backed up and the other (archives, MPEG movies etc.) won't be compressed when backed up.


I'd avoid compressing these types of files: Quicktime movies, stuffit/zip/gzip archives, DMG disk images, highly compressed JPEG images - although lightly compressed JPGs can still space with Retrospect compression.

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