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Retrospect will no longer back up after Panther install

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I upgraded to Panther over the weekend. Ever since, Retrospect "insists" that I have no files to back up. I know that there are lots -- my son is home from college for Thanksgiving and loaded almost a GB of music files onto the machine.


Whenever I try to run my "Backup User Directories" script, I get what looks like the box saying that the scan is being done -- it flashes up very quickly, then seems to jump to another location on the screen, then closes. I then get a box saying that no files needed to be backed up.


This is a file backup into a backup set on an external Firewire drive (not Firewire 800 -- it's a LaCie d2 80 GB). It was working fine for weeks, until the upgrade. I tried running the script manually (from the "Run" menu in Retrospect, rather than from the run document I usually use) with the same result. Then I tried doing a new media backup -- same result. Then I tried just doing an immediate backup to the existing backup set -- same result again. Finally I tried double-clicking on the catalog file, and found that it says there is only one snapshot in the file -- that doesn't sound right since I have been backing up into this backup set for some weeks.


I have a 17" iMac running OS X 10.3.1. I haven't tried just starting over, and hope I don't have to!

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I am using both subvolumes and selectors (the specific selector is all but cache files; the subvolume I am backing up is my entire /Users directory).


But the point is that this is an automated script that I have been using for months -- I have been through three "new media" backups with it, with never a hitch until now. I always used it by just clicking on a run document I have in my dock, except when I want to do the new media backup, when I run it from the "Run" menu in Retrospect.

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