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Could I specify which media drive to use for a script?

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My configuration: OS X Tiger Server v10.4.4, G4/533MHz, 1.5GB RAM, Retrospect Workgroup v6.1.126, Device Access v1.0.107, Driver Update v6.1.5.102


This system has two (2) optical drives. In one (1) drive I plan on using a CD-RW disc for a backup script. In the second drive I plan on using a DVD-RW disc for a backup script.


Is it possible to instruct Retrospect to use a particular drive when executing a script? I want to avoid having the script intended for the CD-RW disc being used with the DVD-RW disc, as that will create all kinds of havoc. I see that on page 44 of the user's guide it states "During an operation, Retrospect searches available backup devices for the appropriate medium. If the medium fills or Retrospect needs another medium for any reason, it searches available drives." That's nice, but if I can't specify a drive for a script, can I specify a priority order for multiple drives?


Thanks for reading!

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No worries. It appears that Retrospect gives media priority based upon the order in which devices are listed in the devices tab. So through scheduling and placing the appropriate media in the drive that I want to be used first, I can accomplish what I want. I would prefer to be more explicit about it, but it can be done with a little thought.

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