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Retrospect server - need to do a clean install

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I need to do a clean install of MacOSX on our backup server (that's a long story itself). Anyway, all of my backup sets are located on external drives, so it won't be a problem. However, I really don't want to lose any of my backup scripts, etc.


So, the question is, where are the Rettropect scripts, perferencs stored on the system? I am hoping to just move all that stuff to the external drive and then move back after the rebuild.

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hi kelsey,


before doing anything else, check your manual for the section, "Moving Retrospect". it gives the details on where everything is located and what needs to be moved in to a new machine or saved for a reinstall. if you read that and have specific questions, post them here. it should be really straightforward.


you don't say what version, but here is a link to all the Documentation for all the current versions:





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