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Getting rid of network backup warning

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Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of Retrospect for Mac OS X I have been getting very annoying warning messages that state my desktop has never been backed up over the network. I use Retrospect only to backup my workstation onto an external drive; I don't do network backups.


Does anybody know how to turn off this newly introduced feature?



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hi sam,


sounds like when you installed Retrospect you also installed the Retrospect Client, which is used for network backup.


Retrospect cannot talk to a locally installed version of Retrospect Client. my best advice would be, "Uninstall the Client". it's right there in /Applications.

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This is not a "newly-introduced feature"; it's been there for a long time for networked clients.


If you were asking this about a networked client, go to Applications folder, launch "Retrospect Client". Click "Preferences" button, change to suit your needs.


However, that's not what you are asking. Sounds like you installed the "Retrospect Client" application (which should only be installed on networked clients) on your computer that runs Retrospect, which you shouldn't have done. You really need to uninstall the client (not Retrospect). There's an uninstaller - details are given here in a KB article that is really discussing a different issue:


Uninstalling Retro Client - KB 9557

(but don't do the last step, which re-installs the client).





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is there an 'echo' in here?


if so the echo is a bit more detailed than my original post so it's all good.




Looks that way, but really both of us were posting the answer at the same time, and the (*^(*& Knowledge Base search, and the *&%%^&* method that you have to use to get a "real" link (without frames) takes a bit of time to do right. If you had only posted quicker, I wouldn't have posted my answer. Or, if the forum software were better at updating while composing....



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