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rebuilding client with a new password

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We have had Retrospect installed and running for a while but had to rebuild one of our client machines. On installing a new copy of the Retrospect client the installer used a different password than used in the original install (what an idiot! no, wait, that was me).

Now the client machine can't be accessed from our backup machine, bad log in/password. If we could access it we could change the password, but we can't get in. We can't add the client as a new client, because it is recognised on the network as the old client and won't connect to it.

I tried repeating the install on the client, but it isn't asking me for a new password (password file must be tucked away somewhere, with the new password in it).

So, anyone know how to change the Retrospect client's password on the client machine, from the client machine?

We're new to this, and so, apologize in advance if this is trival to the seasoned user.


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Did you use the installer's un-install function? That should remove all traces of the client software, including the file where the password is stored.


EMCInsignia has an applescript in their Knowledge Base that will remove the necessary file without the use of a terminal session. But if you're comfy with the command line you can do it yourself.


- Use either Activity Monitor or Terminal to kill the pitond process

- Use terminal to remove /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state

the file is owned by root; I'll leave the specifics of how to do this to the reader.

- Restart pitond by clicking on the "on" radio button in the Retrospect Client application

- Status field should read "waiting for first connection"

- Connect from server, provide password when prompted

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