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What is your backup speed in retrospect?

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(I thought it would be useful for people to see the range of speeds people average when using retrospect)


I just noticed a backup speed as high as 680MB/sec. Much higher than usual. I am backing up large video files on an internal drive to a file on an external FW400 drive.


When I backup smaller files, I usually get speeds in the range of 80-260MB/sec. And of course speeds are much lower over ethernet and wireless.


(dual 867 G4 with 7200RPM drives and 7200RPM ext FW400)


What speeds to do you see during your backups?

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How long is a piece of string ?


I've seen speeds as low as 5MB/m with old slow clients, on 10M ethernet, with lots of small files, to tape, with a slow backup machine. At the other extreme, I've seen over 2GB/m with a fast client, Gigabit network, decent backup machine (1.8G XServe), large files, and backing up to Firewire800 drives.


The speeds you quote seem about normal (or as normal as anything can be) for that level of hardware. Backing up large video files will be much faster than copying the 100,000 or so small file in the base system - there's a lot of overhead for each file which really slow things down.


BTW - do you really mean MB/sec, or MB/min ?

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